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Customer Testimonials

I am so grateful to Liz for her amazing work! I am a Track athlete and I come to ABQ for altitude training. When I go on the road, I'm always nervous about whether I'll be able to find someone for good body work, since my body is my livelihood. Liz has exceeded every expectation. On two occasion, she managed to heal problems that had been plaguing me for months. In 2011, I had a chronic Achilles injury that wouldn't go away, but by the end of my month in ABQ, I was running pain free. Same thing this year...I had been nursing a sore hip for weeks, but after one session with Liz my range of motion was normal and my pain was gone.

Liz is a kind person with great hands. She is able to follow tightness along the bio-mechanical chain and find the root of the problem. I found her initially through another local runner (see review by Alex W), and she was re-recommended to me by the UNM Track coach, who has her work on the entire team. Liz is extremely talented and I'm so thankful to have her as part of my "team."


Professional Runner, US Olympian London 2012 & 2016

I've been seeing Liz for over 9 years and she has helped my body recover from all the tight muscles and aches and pains of being a professional athlete. Being an Olympic and World medalist I have been exposed to some of the worlds best massage therapists and physiotherapist and Liz is right at the top! She has kept my body in line weekly and she always listens to me and helps solve any issues I may have in muscles!

Jarrin Soloman,

" This is by far the most comprehensive massage that I have ever had.  Your ability to sense which muscles are tight and release them is amazing. My body has never rebounded from soreness so fast and for so long." 
Tommy Murphy, Professional Baseball Player Albuquerque Isotopes 2008
"Liz is an outstanding asset to the Albuquerque Isotopes Baseball Team.  At the highest professional level- it is critical that we have a therapist who can work with the athletes bodies to assist in the prevention of injury.  Over a 144 game schedule- there is no margin for error.  Liz is a valuable part of an integrated sports medicine process and we are fortunate to have her services”
Florida Marlins AAA Strength and Conditioning Coach, Albuquerque Isotopes 2008.
I am a former UNM Cross Country and Track athlete. I first met Liz when
she was performing weekly massages for the teams. I have continued to
work with her since graduating. I am now a professional triathlete, and
have complete faith in her hands to help me stay in one piece. It is
incredible how she remembers former problem areas and can work through
new ones so well. I spent 9 months at the Olympic Training Center
training and I can say with confidence that she in on par with the
therapists there.

Alex Willis Professional Tri-althlete
“Liz’s work has proven to be a vital element of my
recovery and injury prevention program.  It has enabled me
to feel better, train harder, and perform at my best.
Simply put, her knowledge and technique are wonderful!”

Jeremy Johnson
University of New Mexico track athlete
3 time All-American