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Therapeutic Massage in Albuquerque, NM 

Albuquerque Has a Long History of Great Therapeutic Massage

    Albuquerque Has a Long History of Great Therapeutic Massage.  We feel Honored to be a part of that Tradition.
When it comes to therapeutic massage, in Albuquerque New Mexico, we are lucky. Did you know Albuquerque has six different massage schools ?  Not bad for the size of our little city.  New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics is one of the oldest schools of therapeutic massage in the Untied States.   It set the standard for therapeutic massage education very high, and that standard continues today. High standards are being upheld at many other schools around the city. Including my school Crystal Mountain Inststute.   New Mexico has required a license for therapeutic massage for many years, and the requirement of 750 Hrs of study is higher than many states.  

What is therapeutic massage? Therapeutic massage is massage done with the intent to create a physiological change in a person's body.  It is usually based in swedish massge, using oil or lotion.  But it often includes other modalities like myofascial, trigger point, and even lomi lomi or thai massage. How does therapeutic massage benefit you?  The basic changes that take place with therapeutic massage are in the muscle tissue, fascia, and the nervous system.  By appyling pressure and they releasing it we are improving cirulation to your muscle tissues.  Warming and stretching the tissues manually helps release the fasical tissue.  Muscles can heal faster and you have increased range of motion.  Human touch has a direct and positive effect on the nervous system.   When the body shifts from fight or flight mode to rest and digest, we heal faster and our immune system is improved.   
With so many therapeutic massage modalities, how can you decide which will work best for you?     First, decide what your goals are with massage.  Do you just want to relax and have that hour to yourself?  Or are you in pain and you want to work with a specific issue? Do you want pamper yourself or are you more interested in Health Maintenance and Self-Care?  Most massage therapists combine many modalities into one 60 min session.   If you are interested in more specific work or pain relief for muscle soreness. You might want to ask about deep tissue massage, sports massage or medical massage.  If you mostly want to relax and be pampered classic Swedish or spa treatments might be what appeals to you.